Senior Instructors

Andrea Molle


Aikido 3rd dan, shidoin 

Iaido 1st dan

Andrea's first experienced with martial arts was with Judo at the age of 10 in Genova, Italy. In 1991 he transitioned to Buikukai Aikido and studied under Bruno Maganzini sensei. Between 1991 and 2005 he attended seminars with several direct students of Morihei Ueshiba as well as directed by well-known European instructors. In 2006 he moved to Nagoya where he joined the Nanzan University Aikido Club and also experienced the practice of Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu. He currently serves as instructor for the Buikukai centers in Orange County and technical supervisor for the local University clubs. Besided Aikido, he practices Daito-ryu Aiki-Jujutsu (Takuma-Kai), as well as Sambo/Judo, Shinkage-ryu, and Owari-kan Sojutsu.

Nicha Panich


3rd dan, shidoin 

Nicha started the practice of Aikido in 1981 with Fukakusa shihan at Renbukan dojo in Bangkok, Thailand.  In 2000 she started training with Nakayama Sensei at Chushinkan dojo in Buena Park, California. Later in 2008, she became a student of Egami shihan at the time he opened the Los Angeles Buikukai dojo in Gardena. Upon Egami shihan return to Japan, Nicha was appointed instructor for the Los Angeles Buikukai dojo and the Greater Los Angeles area.