At Aikido Osaka Buikukai we offer a wide range of classes and support to help you achieve your martial arts goals. Please take a moment to assess your real interest in Aikido. Ask yourself if you really want to devote time and energy to fully learn it. If you are, please pursue that interest to its fullest by finding a dojo near you for a free Aikido trial class.  If your main focus of training Aikido, however, is to complement your current martial arts practice, we recommend you try one of our cross-training and multi martial arts initiatives.  Lastly, if you are looking for functional self-defense or quick combat readiness, you should reconsider your interest in Aikido for its principles and learning methodologies don't translate directly into fighting. In this case we will be glad to work with you to understand your needs and refer you to one our trusted partners in the area of self-defense and combat sports.

Current cross-training initiatives

Takumakai Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu - OC Study group


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